This article is for group admins. If you're a new admin, get a tour of Lumatic. Manage your group by logging in, tapping the menu in the upper left, then tapping your group's name. If you don't see your group's name, then you're not an admin of your group.

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About Composites

A composite is a print product that shows your members' headshots. It's easy to get framed Wall Composites and Mini Composites through Lumatic.

First, your members need to have headshots on Lumatic. Here's how to capture headshots.

Ordering a composite

First, add all your people to your group - Who's in your group dictates where/how people appear on your composite. Here's how to update your people.

Once your members have headshots, on your group's "Products" tab, tap the "+" to order a composite. You'll be able to see and edit your composite styling using the composite builder. Make sure all your members' names, titles, and other details are right. Tap to include/exclude whoever you want, and then choose your design details. When your artwork looks good, tap "Order Prints" to choose your size, frame, shipping address and other order details.

All composite purchases are final. Placing your order immediately starts production; from there you'll need to review and approve your artwork:

Approving your artwork

Based on your order, your composite artwork will be drafted and emailed for whoever was set as the "contact" to review. They can request an edit or approve the artwork. Request an unlimited number of edits until the artwork is right. Once you give final approval, the artwork is sent to print and no changes are possible.

Receiving your order

Once the artwork has final approval, your composite is printed and shipped to you within 30 days. Your mini composite prints will be delivered on a similar timeline, but may arrive in a separate package.

Occasionally, some frame colors run out of stock. If this happens, you may be contacted with alternate options. At that point your composite will be delivered within 30 days of you choosing an in stock frame.

Have an issue?

If your composite arrives damaged, or you have any other issues, email

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