This article is for group admins. If you're a new admin, get a tour of Lumatic. Manage your group by logging in, tapping the menu in the upper left, then tapping your group's name. If you don't see your group's name, then you're not an admin of your group.

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About subscriptions

On Lumatic, you use credits to capture photos and order products. You can buy credits individually, or save money with an annual subscription.

To see if your group has a subscription, go to your group's "Settings" tab, where you'll see one of three buttons...

  1. If you see a "Save money with a subscription" button, then you do NOT have a subscription. Tap that button to start a subscription.
  2. If you see a "Activate your subscription" button, then your group has built a subscription, but not activated it yet. Tap that button to activate your subscription.
  3. If you see a "You're saving $XX" button with subscription details, then you DO have a subscription. Tap that button to see the details of your subscription.

Starting a subscription

Only your group's Account Owner can start a subscription.

Once you make a photo plan on, the package that suits your photo plan will be available on your Lumatic account. As the Account Owner, tap "Activate your subscription" into the package to review the pricing and subscription terms, then tap "start subscription" to sign the digital contract. Only your group's account owner can activate the subscription.

Subscription renewal

Your subscription renews automatically every year, unless canceled. Your Account Owner will get a reminder before renewal, and you can edit your subscription any time before it renews.

Editing your subscription

Only your group's Account Owner can edit a subscription.

On your group's "Settings" tab, you can see your group's credits balance and a "you're saving $XX" button with your subscription details. Tap that button to see your subscription details, and an "edit subscription" button that let's you schedule a call to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription. Note that some subscriptions with a first-year discount require discount repayment if the contract is canceled within the first year. Only your group's Account Owner can edit a subscription.

Paying for your subscription

You'll receive an invoice annually after subscription start/renewal.

Learn more about your group's invoice.

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