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Capturing event photos

Capture any type of event with Lumatic.  Once you've set an event date, time, and location, set up your event on Lumatic.

Here's how...

1. On your group's "Photos" tab, tap "+", then tap "Event photos".

2. Follow the prompts to enter your event's name and add the services you want.

3. Review your booking info, and tap "Book". You'll be charged credits for each service you book; and if you don't have credits you'll need to enter payment information to pay the amount shown. Here's more about credits.

Add crowdsourcing, pro photographers, and PopCam photo booths to capture every moment.

The services you add to your event gallery are automatically booked. The gallery will appear on your "Photos" tab, and you can tap the pencil "edit" button to see and edit the services you've booked. For Event Photographers and PopCam Photo Booths, you'll receive email notifications to confirm booking and guide you through any pre-event and post-event actions you may need to complete.

To ensure all your service requests are fulfilled, book at least two weeks prior to the event date. Note that booking a service fewer than two weeks prior to the event may result in services not being fulfilled.

About Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing lets you capture the photos your event attendees take.

Enabling crowdsourcing gives you a...

- QR slide to show during your event to prompt people to upload their photos.

- Upload Link to send out after your event to prompt people to upload their photos.

You can also upload your photos any time.

About Photographers

Event photographers capture pro photos from every angle.

You choose the start and end time when you want the photographer and they'll show up ready to shoot. Whoever you set as the "Shoot Contact" will be introduced to your Lumatic Certified Photographer the day before the event to make it easy to coordinate any day-of details directly with them.

Feel free to add notes for the photographer during booking. You'll get a certified event photographer, who can take group photos too. They'll take great photos, and will pay special attention to any shots you request. The photos they take will be in your gallery shortly after your event.

About PopCam Photo Booth

PopCam Photo Booth captures fun photos that everyone loves.

You choose the start and end date(s) when you want PopCam photo booth. PopCam arrive the day before the start date at the address you select, in a black case with a large yellow sticker. Once PopCam arrives, put it wherever you want; setup takes just a few minutes and only takes 5'x5' space (actual footprint is appx 2'x2')

During your event, PopCam will take fun photo booth photos. Attendees will be able to access their photo booth photos instantly.

The day after your end date, you'll put PopCam out for UPS pickup. 

If needed, here's PopCam support

Editing your event gallery

On your "Photos" tab, on your gallery, tap the pencil "edit" button to manage your services.

To enable/disable crowdsourcing, tap the switch next to the "Crowdsourcing" title.

To add a Photographer, tap "Add" next to the "Event Photographer" title.

To edit a Photographer, tap your photographer's card.

To add a PopCam Photo Booth, tap "Add" next to the "PopCam Photo Booth" title.

To edit a PopCam Photo Booth, tap the PopCam photo booth's card.

Note that cancelations made too close to the event may result in your account still being charged for the service.

Receiving your photos

No matter how they're captured, every photo will be delivered to your event gallery. 

Crowdsourcing photos are delivered instantly.

Event Photographer photos are delivered as soon as the photographer uploads them. In most cases, by the day after the shoot.

PopCam Photo Booth photos are delivered instantly.

A group admin will need to review your photos before they're shared with your group. Learn more about managing your groups photos.

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