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Capturing headshots

Capture headshots with Lumatic. Add Virtual Headshots to let people take headshots with their own devices. Add PopCam Headshots to let people get headshots from a professional headshot kiosk.

Here's how to capture headshots...

1. On your group's "photos" tab, tap "+", then tap "headshots".

2. Follow the prompts to name your gallery, then add the services you want.

3. Review your booking info, and tap "Book". You'll be charged credits for each service you book; and if you don't have credits you'll need to enter payment information to pay the amount shown. Here's more about credits.

Combine Virtual and PopCam headshots to maximize options for your group

The services you add are automatically booked. The gallery will appear on your "Photos" tab, and you can tap the pencil "edit" button to see and edit the services you've booked. For PopCam, you'll receive email notifications to confirm booking and guide you through any pre-shoot and post-shoot actions you may need to complete.

To ensure all your service requests are fulfilled, book at least two weeks prior to the shoot date. Note that booking a service fewer than two weeks prior to your shoot date may result in services not being fulfilled.

About backdrops

Choose any backdrop to be applied to the headshots. Set up multiple headshot galleries, each with their own gallery, to leverage unique backdrops for different audiences.

During booking choose the backdrop you want, or upload your own. Whichever backdrop you choose will be applied to your headshots. You can update the selected backdrop any time, and all headshots captured from then on will be placed on that backdrop.

When people take their headshot, they'll get the backdrop you chose. Once they get their headshot, they can tap "Backdrops" to download their headshot on any of Lumatic's default backdrops.

About Virtual Headshots

Virtual Headshots let people take their own headshots using their phone

Enabling virtual headshots gives you a Headshot Link that you can share anywhere. Post it on onboarding forms, "Get a headshot" campaigns, or anywhere else.

People who tap your link will be prompted to take their own headshot using their phone. Then, they'll receive their edited headshot instantly; ready to share. Plus, their edited headshot will be in your gallery, for your team to use as needed.

About PopCam Headshots

PopCam Headshots let people get professional headshots from an easy-to-use kiosk

You'll pick the start and end date when you want PopCam. PopCam will arrive at the address you choose the day before your start date. PopCam will be shipped to you in a black case with a large yellow sticker. Once PopCam arrives, put it wherever you want; setup takes just a few minutes and only takes a 5x5 space (actual footprint is ~2'x2')

During your shoot, PopCam will take professional headshots. People who use PopCam will receive their edited headshot instantly. PopCam automatically edits everyone's headshots, so you don't have to worry about the background.

The day after your end date is over, you'll put PopCam out for UPS pickup.

Depending on the type of headshots you're capturing, PopCam may ask users for their "IDcode". If so, PopCam will tell them how to get their IDcode.

If needed, here's PopCam setup and support

Feel free to send this to your members:

PopCam is arriving soon to capture everyone's headshots. PopCam is an automated headshot kiosk that lets you take your headshot any time. Here's how it works...

  1. Arrive, and show PopCam your IDcode (found on your Lumatic account)
  2. Pose for your headshots
  3. Choose your favorites. Or, take more until you're happy

Your edited headshot will be delivered instantly. Log in or sign up for Lumatic at

Editing your headshot gallery

On your "Photos" tab, on your gallery, tap the pencil "edit" button to manage your services.

To enable/disable Virtual Headshots, tap the switch next to the "Virtual Headshots" title

To add PopCam Headshots, tap "Add" next to the "PopCam Headshots" title

To edit PopCam Headshots, tap the PopCam's card.

Note that cancelations made too close to the shoot date may result in your account still being charged for the service.

Receiving your headshots

No matter how they're captured, every headshot will be edited and delivered to your gallery AND delivered to the person in the photo.

Crowdsourcing photos are delivered instantly.

PopCam photos are delivered instantly; unless PopCam has poor cell signal, in which case photos will upload when PopCam has better signal.

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