This article is for group admins. If you're a new admin, get a tour of Lumatic. Manage your group by logging in, tapping the menu in the upper left, then tapping your group's name. If you don't see your group's name, then you're not an admin of your group.

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Capturing photos

On the "photos" tab of your group's dashboard, tap the "+" button to create a new gallery and choose how you want to capture photos.

For event photos, you can upload your own photos, crowdsource photos from your event attendees, and easily book Photographers and PopCam Photo Booths. Here's more about event photos.

For headshots, you can capture virtual headshots and book PopCam Headshots. Here's more about headshots.

Reviewing photos

Every photo that's added to your gallery, no matter how it's captured, must be reviewed by one of your group's admins. To review a photo, simply view it on a gallery and tap "Show" or "Hide".

- Photos you "Show" are published to your gallery, and are able to be downloaded and shared

- Photos you "Hide" are only visible by your group's admins, and are NOT able to be downloaded/shared.

You'll get notified of any galleries that need photo review on your group's dashboard.

Finding photos

Photos are found in your galleries. When you book services like photographer, photo booth, and crowdsourcing, the photos they capture are added to the gallery they're booked for.

Find your photos on your personal feed. Tap on your headshot/profile icon to see all the most recent photos of you.

Find your group's photos on your personal feed. Tap your group's card to see all your group's galleries.

Find photos of someone in your group on your group's "people" tab. Tap someone's name to go to their profile and see their most recent photos.

Find photos of another group in your network on your group's "Settings" tab, in the "integrations" section. Tap your "Group network" to see the groups you're connected with, and to see their photos.

Sharing photos

In a gallery, you can share photos multiple ways...

- Download one photo by finding it in a gallery, and tapping "Download".

- Download all photos by tapping into the gallery menu (the "..." button in the gallery header), then tapping "Download all photos".

- Download a headshot with a new backdrop by finding it in a gallery, and tapping "Backdrops", then tapping the version you want

Additionally, you can share your photos with another group by adding them to your network. To edit your network,

on your group's "Settings" tab, in the "integrations" section, tap your "Group network" to see and edit your network.

Feel free to share the photos you download.

Learn more about photo licenses on Lumatic's terms of use.

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