This article is for group admins. If you're a new admin, get a tour of Lumatic. Manage your group by logging in, tapping the menu in the upper left, then tapping your group's name. If you don't see your group's name, then you're not an admin of your group.

About your invoice

You'll receive an invoice when you have a payment due for your group's subscription.

If you have an invoice due, you'll be notified two ways...

1. On Lumatic - On your group's dashboard, you'll see an "$XX Due" invoice notification. 

2. Via email - Your group's Account Owner will receive an email copy of your invoice, with reminders until it's paid.

Paying your invoice

You can make a payment directly from the invoice, three ways

ACH payments

Type your account info into the invoice to pay instantly with no fee.

Check payments

Mail a check with the invoice number in the memo line to PO Box 30005 Indianapolis, IN. Checks take a few weeks to process, so you may continue to get invoice reminders until your check has cleared.

Card payments

Card payments require an additional 3% fee. If you want to pay by card, email to request that card payments are enabled for your invoice.

If you have questions about your invoice, email

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